Machine Replaces Man Trimmer

My letter to Marijuana .. because this bud trimming machine seems to a better fit..

Doing some soul searching the past few days about how I want my trimming life to be …& honestly evaluating our prospects of a future together. The truth is, like you, I want to have all the fun – that all couples do but because of my values, I want to do that in a sober way as soon as I can. I sometimes claim i don’t want to get married yet but that’s because of what society has taught us men to say…so ya I wanna get sober as soon as possible – possibly even sometime next year.
So I’m  a bud trimmer & you’re a marijuana, what are our prospects of a happy future together given our undeniably strong chemistry & irrevocable cultural differences?
A long term commitment is a gift you give to your life time partner, this gift says, “you’ve been awesome, you are awesome and now I want to devote myself to you for as long as I am on earth” Yes. Usually this i that says, “I have fully enjoyed our past together, and now I want to devote the rest of my future to helping you achieve your goals, to being with you, to you being with me, and to taking care of you when we are old and sick, as we most assuredly will be.”
You cannot give a gift like that lightly. The pieces have to be set up in the right spots. Everything has to be aligned. The slightest piece off could mean that your position has gone from “strikingly interesting” to “absolutely catastrophic”. So i did some research on what makes these things successful – because we cannot enter such commitments purely based on whims & desires.
Here are some important pieces that were revealed from studying 100s of marriages:
  • Chemistry - Most unexplainable factor, that sizzle, that “wow” factor
  • Character - Morality, honor, virtue of the persons involved.
  • Communication - Pattern of behavior, in communicating, is there humility in trying to understand the other’s point of view?
  • Competency - Does the person know how to handle money, job, communicate? Do they have a raw ability of some kind?
  • Cultural background- origin, language, cultural values; If the gap is too wide, it can lead to severe misunderstandings regularly.
  • Commitment – Has the person demonstrated reliability in following through or do they give up in the face of difficulty? Marriage must be based on commitment, not on feelings – otherwise it’ll be a nauseous emotional roller coaster ride.
  • Core Values (the most important) – The basic foundation for what brings a person purpose & passion. This determines what a person thinks is wrong or right in life. It determines how they will raise their children, choose their lifestyle. People onto these values dearly.

You and I are pretty damn good on the board when it comes to Chemistry and then we also fare well for some of the other items. However, the pieces begin to fall apart in some areas which we have been trying to ignore. This is because dating is very different from marriage, in dating, two people in a relationship will amplify each other’s good aspects while overlooking the bad. Attach that with physical involvement and the emotional bond that comes from it, it greatly affects our rational judgement.

One area where you and I differ, for instance, is cultural background.  You think I’m perfectly fine with you dressing uber sexy inn a mini joint, I guess I am – with you as my GF. However, for my lifetime partner, the standards are completely different and it’s not something I could be okay with. Same thing goes to eating food, and bunch of other things that I will neglect to mention.
I ignore these things when it comes to you, but the fact is neither of us can not bend to the other’s will for a sustained period of time. We come from completely different schools of thoughts & our irrevocable differences in core values will never truly make our relationship prosper in the long term…
Think about it this way: If two jets are flying parallel to each other, but one changes course just one degree, it is only a matter of time before that one degree will result in thousands of miles between the two jets. So it is with marriage. If you decide to be off by one degree in a core value, it will only be a matter of time until you become far apart from each other. The trimming machine is better suited for you.
Writing this definitely pains me dear marijuana, because you’ve been so important to me, but because of these differences in core values its hard to see a future together. True Love for me requires not just enjoying time spent with each other, but also long term alignment in values- which we will never have. I don’t think I love you enough to make such a serious life-long commitment. A wrong choice will waste tons of time for both of us, with years of suffering, and thus we cannot determine to commit simply because we “feel in the mood” or simply because the we have excellent attraction & chemistry.
With these thoughts, I think its in our best interest to find someone that is more aligned with our core values. Someone that can speak the language of your grandmother, and listen to your beautiful bud trimming poetry. For me, someone that can speak my language, communicate with my extended family. Follow the same religion as me, without feeling guilty of having to enforce something upon them. To ask either of us to change in such a significant way isn’t fair for either of us and will create long term resentment. To get over all our differences requires too much sacrifice and too much love perhaps.. I’m really sorry.. but after much reflection I don’t have it in me.
I wish I could have done this in person, but after what you said, I’m doing it now.
Maybe one day we can be friends..because we had such a green blast…

Duct Cleaning Consultation

Air ducts are one place where small particles such as pollen can get indoors from outside.

One of my clients, arman, that do duct cleaning vancouver wanted to share the following thoughts..

The EPA suggests that air ducts should be cleaned if there is mold growing in them, they are infested with bugs or rodents, if they are clogged, or if viable particles are being released indoors.
Particles that are stuck in the HVAC system may be a result of dirty air ducts. Moisture can also get into this system which can cause mold to grow. There is potential that mold spores can be released into the air. The manager of the facility must ensure that the air ducts are cleaned on a regular schedule.
There are some suggestions from the CCA to keep dirt out the air ducts system.
Be sure to change the filters on a regular basis especially if they are clogged. Use high efficiency filters that come recommended by HVAC or duct experts.
Be sure that no filters are missing and there are no gaps in the system. When having an HVAC service be sure the cooling coils and drain pans are cleaned. When having any HVAC work done seal off the registers and do not use the system until the work is completed.
Vacuum regularly with a HEPA duct cleaner vacuum.

Use any in duct humidifier according to the institution by the manufacturer.
To Prevent Wetness:
Repair any leaks right away.
Inspect the cooling coils on a regular basis. They are susceptible to mold growth.

Be sure the condensate pan drains properly and there are no wet spots.

Make sure all ducts are properly sealed.

Select an air conditioning system that is the proper size and seal all ducts and joints.

If the facility does not have duct cleaning, Arman’s duct cleaning equipment is quick and easy to use.

This equipment will clean 4-18 inch round ducts and these that are 4-16 inches rectangular or square.

Tunnel Trimmer 2

Sorry for the delay fellas, just got suck with another consulting gig, here’s the rest of the interview for those that had requested it.

I have used a twister but I actually haven’t emptied out the dust collection system, but this is what all my clients tell me that used to use the Twister. That’s the number one reason why they switch from Twister to our machine is because of what they can do on the back end of the processing. You know in contrast our machine you know leave the pieces relatively large, it filters out the smaller pieces and they even kind of dries out the trim as you’re going. Then knock some of the keef off of it and that filters out into the outer bag where it can then be processed separately or put back in with the trim and then blown in at whatever time you want.

But there is literally Van’s Cannabis cups one with extracts done from the bags of the satellite so that’s one major feature of our machine. And that’s the reason why we don’t do drum style or tunnel style trimmers.

Machines on the market just because you know we’re a fairly young company, the reason why – a lot of people just haven’t been exposed to it yet. A lot of people don’t know, they have never seen one work. You know they’ve heard about it but they don’t know it’s a great investment until they have seen it. But once people start to find out about it you know people. A lot of my clients were running twister, they had 2 of them, they had $30,000 in twister machines and now they’re just sitting in the corner collecting dust because their using our machines.

Because it doesn’t mess with their byproducts, their cycles are a lot shorter, they can adjust every single component that affects the flowers. They can adjust the speed of the suction, the vortex, the speed of the rotors, thrust silicon fingers, the speed and depth of the blade. They can control these factors to get the machine to trim different ways for different strains and yeah it’s a great machine. People are really liking it, they really like the ability to control how fast it is. They like the 30 second cycle. They like not being able to mess with their byproduct, and once people find out about it they almost always prefer it I have found.

Tunnel Trimmer

Here’s a transcript of my interview with a consultant that specializes in a budding, marijuana trimming industry..

“Yeah, so the tunnel style trimmer, the reason why we don’t do a tunnel style bud trimmer like many marijuana companies in the United states is because really there are two things. One it only trims when the blade makes contact with the tunnel I guess is a likely word. Down one line of the whole thing which is a result causes them to spin their blade really, really, really, really fast to be able to get the job done. And then also as a result of that the bud has to be in the machine for quite a bit longer than our machine to make sure that you get a decent trim. I know that Twister recommends that you purchase two of their machines and you run them in tandem. To get the thing trimmed all the way through, which will result in kind of a 3 to 4 minute cycle for the one bud to enter the machine and then get shred and exit the machine.

We take kind of a different approach on that. We want the shortest cycle time possible. So with the satellite with all the features that it has which I’ll get into here little bit. Our cycle times can be as low as 30 seconds. So logical would tell you less time in the machine equals less damage. The other reason why we don’t do a tunnel style trimmer is because they require you to have a large high-power vacuum dust collection system. And what that does is because you have to spend that blade really fast to get it trimmed, you end of cutting your trimmed leaf a lot more times than is necessary. So a lot of times the trimmed leaf tread out similar you know similar to sawdust, it releases too much chlorophyll and then go into it a process on the back end, wax or whatever you’re trying to do and changes the color and quality of your byproduct. Which as you know I’m sure it’s big up in DC but here in Denver, USA 50% of all Cannabis sales are extracts. Meaning edible, waxed, shattered all that stuff. You know day tanned all those things are really gaining popularity and all those products more often are not made from trims. So the dust collection system in combination with the blade cutting and the leaf trimming time just damages the byproduct too much. The way the dust collection damages it as it push through the dust collection system. It kind of gets caked in the bottom of the machine and is kind of like a brick and it does not breathe very well in here and there is mold and what not. So I’m told I personally haven’t used that machine.


to be continued..

Lessons from Dental Bad Boy

I was watching a movie by the name of Mr. Dentist Bad Boy Sadistic and realized a couple of things that are relevant to the consultation business. While evil dentists do decide to use their special dentist skills for very bad endings. There are bad boy dentists in the Hollywood movies who actually employ their dental skills, as just an end, in itself.

They seem to take immense pleasure in other’s pain or bringing them that major pain. This sadistic bad boy dentist is very unlike the evil mastermind type dentist. If anything, he manages to keep a successful dental practice, and makes sure to keep up an active list on patients that he does plan to hurt somehow. This sounds like a real nice guy right, nope, no way! These sadists dentists do often take their passion away from the office and it gives them a rough guy persona in films that they act in.

One perfect example of the sadistic bad boy dentist is that of Steve Martin’s character in the 1986 film, which was a version of Little Shop of Horrors, and this character of Dr. O scriv is the ultimate example of a sadistic bad boy dentist. It is O who does steal the show away with his antics that go over the top. Dr. O Scriv dons a leather jacket, rides a motorcycle, and has his very own song that reveals his exceptional career choice (dentistry gone mad) and just why he loves bringing people pain. He is a true bad boy greaser in every sense of the word.

Nonetheless, it is nice to see a dentist being portrayed once in a while, as someone we shouldn’t fear. These were the rumination that I derived while sitting with a Dentist salem oregon who has a clinic of his own.

There are a bunch of dental consultant recommended changes that we fear and it may seem like a scary proposition to implement the changes –much like mr.bad boy, however we are not like that at all and these changes will bring along a positive impact to your business at the end of the day.

Surveying Small Business Solutions


nice view after the tradeshow..

As people on our email list may recall, I had been asked to evaluate a number of orthdontists and a dentist in Richmond, BC. This project has important marketing policy consequences for many dental business owners around North America including the ability of persons such as you to obtain reliable information on a dentist as many of you use resources to find medical professionals that aren’t actually all that accurate and simply a marketing ploy. Many local newspapers that give out quarterly review awards are an excellent example of that.

During the past year, many small business owners in Canada & USA have participated in one or more of the surveys that we conducted including several on in the dental industry at tradeshows, such as the American Dental Tradeshow that took place in October in San Antonia in 2014.

Oh wait.. did you not know about this marketing ploy?.. and guess what, you’re probably a part of it!


Have you heard about municipal awards given out to Business owners?

Well .. that is actually if cleverly disguised marketing ploy that preys on regular fold.

What happens is business owners actually pay to be considered as one of the best within the city – the payment is usually a substantial amount. Therefore, a very small amount of business owners actually partake in the survey. Let’s say only 5 out of 100 dentists within a city pay for it. Now, out of those 5 dentists, whoever compensates the newspaper the highest amount, usually wins the so-called “survey” the remaining four are then mentioned as notable dental clinics!
Therefore, next time you hear who has the best invisalign or braces in Roseburg Oregon, just conduct your due diligence or take a closer look at how the newspaper selected the winners!

So here’s a relevant solution that our team at PlanetUSA is working on – we want to address & tackle this problem for people that search for services, from limousine companies to dental work.

If you were previously involved in either the screen line count survey (counting limos) or the patron survey (interviewing passengers) which measured service and availability.  At this time, we are recruiting surveyors to work on Friday and Saturday nights from 10:00 pm to up 4:00 am post the busy Christmas season from Dec 30 to Jan 29.  I am seeking persons to interview people on the street and at club venues.

I would ask for a minimum commitment of surveying at least 4 nights out of the possible 10 nights during this period (5 weeks x 2 nights = 10).  There may be fewer survey nights depending on the number of surveyors I can get and their productivity.  The payment is similar to last time about $100 per evening (to be finalized).

 Since you participated before, your experience is valuable and ensures that this important project is implemented more effectively.  Note that the screen line count survey won’t occur until November.  If you are interested, please send me an email with the subject line “’want to participate in service study” and fill out the Conflict of Interest statement that will be provided by PlanetUSA reps.

Of course, this offer is open to any of our readers in North America that are interested in understanding the under-workings of small business marketing and consultation work, or even how to create a fantastic product from scratch – this is a great way for them to get their feet wet.

If you have some reliable friends who want to participate, please forward this email to them to fill out and send to our team.  Any conflict of interest does not disqualify you from participating but simply protects you from liability in the future.  I would appreciate my readers respond as soon as possible.



SouthWest Strategy Part 2

Southwest, aka SW can lower all fares to break even on the routes that Continental and United have entered. This will force them out of the routes as quickly as possible and produce the least risk that they will be able to secure a competitive position. SW is currently facing external and internal problems as a firm. As SW expanses into new locations, the company’s corporate culture will become diluted due to dis-economies of scale.

We are not talking about a small duct cleaning operation here which requires a handful of participants to make the operation work.


It will take a larger amount of time and money to communicate with a larger group of employees as supposed to a duct cleaning vancouver type of company. Also it will be increasingly difficult for employees to feel the same type of family environment, since upper management has less time to allocate to each area due to increase size. This could course conflict between management and employees. The corporate culture of SW is its main competitive advantage and if the culture is diluted and “negatively” alters in any way, it will affect SW’s profitability.

The external problem the SW is currently facing is the increase in direct competition from United and Continental. There is a medium barrier to imitation for other companies to copy SW. There it is easy to copy most of SW’s tangible and intangible resources, since the resources are standardized. It is the capabilities and for SW that will be difficult for other companies to imitate.

Although other companies can hire SW employees (Donald Valentine) to get insight and intangible resources, it is the execution of its corporate culture creates the capabilities that SW has. Therefore even if they hire out SW employees it will still be difficult, but not impossible for United and Continental to copy SW’s capabilities since it strategically committed to do things a certain way due to being large and establish companies (high bureaucracy and power distance, which causes hostility between management and employees). Larger companies have larger inertia, so it takes more effort and time for these companies to imitate SW’s business model.

This was a real life case study with took place just under 2 decades ago, as you can see from the stock price, the company did not only strive really flourished – using some of the strategies we mentioned.

Note that with your business, you don’t get access to insights very easily because we can sometimes become restricted by our own minds. I would highly encourage you to step back from the trees & look at the beauty of the trees.

The SouthWest Strategy

Let talk about one of the greatest airline companies on the planet that started from the USA. They also went through a geographical expansion phase reach, and that hindered them in maintaining their phenomenal corporate culture.


Potential Solutions:

-Increase training of new and existing staff members
-Create a new headquarters in new geographical areas
-Continue with training program aka Basically do nothing out of the ordinary. SW is focused on building their culture and doesn’t necessarily need to do anything more.

-Create incentive programs for corporate culture

Incentive programs such as bonus’s depending on customer or staff feedback. The drawback is that it may erode culture as employees game the system and as it clashes with the culture.



If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”- Sun Tzu

Two major airlines with resources are entering SW product space. As a result, SW stands to lose marketshare, revenue and profitability.

-Weaken their balance sheet

SW has an absolute competitive advantage that Continental Lite and United’s Shuttle cannot mimic. On any route, SW will be able to lower prices further while remaining profitable. Thus the competition will not be able to compete in the space indefinitely, the longer they remain in the space the more money

they will stand to lose. Our recommendation is based on encouraging their investment, so when they eventually leave, SW is in a position to significantly grow our market share.



SW will publicly announce the exit of several routes because of the competition from United and Continental. As a result, SW will announce the sale of the aircraft’s on this route. SW will then search through its fleet for the 737’s that require the most maintenance and more importantly, are the most

fuel inefficient. By overloading Continental and United with 737’s, when they decide to exit the low

cost fare market, SW will be able to repurchase the aircraft at a discount. SW has two options in this situation.


They can wait for Continental and United to leave the industry on their own accord, or, if SW

becomes worried of their competitive threat, can reenter the route and charge at cost to drive out their

profitability. In either situation, they benefit from the repurchase of the 737’s and from the decreased

financial strength of their competition.

To be continued..

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